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Mobile ADR

An overview of what Wicklow Sounds can offer:

Mobile ADR or on-location ADR is not a new concept, but has always been the prerogative of larger production houses that could best maximize the financial savings offered by this service. It makes perfect sense to utilise every minute talent is being employed on location, particularly so when said talent could be costing tens of thousands of euros per day. Having to return talent to studio for dedicated ADR work after the event is time consuming, inefficient and costly.

Unfortunately, mobile ADR studios historically have been expensive to employ, costing €6000 – €8000/day to hire, a figure that smaller and independent production houses could rarely justify.
Couple this with the increased levels of audio post-production now employed in the Film/TV production process and its easy to see why mobile ADR has become too costly and too limited, even for those larger production houses.
Wicklow Sounds have taken on-location ADR into the 21st century with the deployment of our state-of-the-art, articulated recording studio and now made on-location audio production a cost effective option for all but the smallest of production budgets.

Our unit is one of a kind, substantially larger than anything similar operating in mainland Europe. Our unit features dedicated recording spaces that have been effectively sound isolated to exceed industry standards and acoustically treated specifically for a dialogue-recording environment. They are large, comfortable and optimized for efficient work scheduling.

Our post-production work area can easily facilitate three engineers working simultaneously on separate recording projects. In line with the latest developments in audio technology, our process is entirely digital, without recourse to any analogue equipment. Our unit can match and exceed the production capacity of most static recording studios and we can place it wherever best suits our clients requirements.

Cost has always been a stumbling block in the development of on-location ADR, primarily because it is generally cheaper to bring talent into studio rather than vice-versa.
This is no longer the case. Our rates are approximately 75% lower than the industry norm and we can still make a decent profit while significantly cutting costs for our clients.

Floor Plan:

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