An overview of what Wicklow Sounds can offer:

The Audiobook market is currently the fastest growing sector of the book publishing Industry The United States’ audiobook market—predicted at US$1.5 billion in 2020, and growing at a seemingly sustainable 20 to 25 percent per year for the next few years—is the world’s largest. Coming in second is the Chinese audiobook market, expected to generate about US$1 billion in 2020, up from US$450 million in 2017.
This is a market no budding or established author can afford to ignore, nor indeed is it a market any serious publishing house can fail to satisfy.

Making an audiobook is a surprisingly straightforward procedure, even for someone that is not particularly technically minded. You just need a suitably isolated recording space, relatively cheap recording equipment, a good speaking voice and hey presto! You’re ready to go. This is the avenue most un-contracted and self-publishing authors take so as to have a token presence in the audiobook market. You won’t sell many copies but it is certainly a satisfying achievement to have made and will give you a good idea of what is required for the next level.

Making a good audiobook takes considerably more effort and investment in equipment. So much so that you will probably have to engage the services of a professional recording studio, hire a professional voice talent to narrate your audiobook, hire a sound engineer to supervise the entire process and then have the recording professionally mastered for publication. Its not a cheap process and will typically cost €5000/100k words.This will be the typical rate applied by publishing houses when negotiating a publishing contract that includes audiobook rights. Some publishing houses will carry out the entire process in-house; others will contract the production out to professional agencies. At the end of the day you as the author will pay this sum in one form or another.

Making great audiobooks is what we do at Wicklow Sounds. And dependent upon the level of involvement the author or publishing house wishes to engage, the cost will be typically at the lower end of simply producing a good audiobook.
We specialise in multi-cast productions with multiple voice talents being employed to narrate your book in an immersive and engaging manner. We allow your listeners to associate with multiple individual characters and not just one voice-shifting narrator
We sound design each element of your story, placing your characters in a real-time audio environment that translates seamlessly onto speakers, mobiles, laptops or headphones. Our database of sound effects and foley are so extensive that we can recreate any environment imaginable and make it believable. Essentially we make a movie soundtrack for your book.

Most audiobooks are produced in mono or occasionally in stereo. We do mono and stereo, but we also produce in surround sound and ambisonic formats for a completely immersive experience.

Combine all the above with a state-of-the-art recording studio that can record on-location anywhere in the country and there really is no excuse for not making great audiobooks.

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