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Podcast Production:

Wicklow sounds can handle every stage of your podcast production, from recording right through to post-production and broadcast.
Recording is the most important element of the whole production cycle, because without a clean, level recording, the whole process becomes an uphill struggle.
Wicklow sounds will replicate a quality recording studio environment wherever we operate. This might take the form of a temporary, acoustically treated space that can be easily erected and dismantled in a matter of minutes, it could be something more elaborate, suitable for a series of podcasts.
Or indeed it could involve the use of our dedicated mobile recording unit.
This articulated unit, which is due to be commissioned in July 2020 will be the largest unit of it’s type in either Ireland, the UK or mainland Europe and capable of being deployed on-location anywhere in the country, handling the most demanding of radio and TV standard projects.

Our recording equipment is quite simply the best available. We record using a low latency digital microphone modeling system that allows us to use any of 200 microphones dependent on the clients’ requirements.
We can handle multiple podcast participants, be they in studio, on location or remotely via mobile, or indeed any combination or number of these and do so without any drop in recording quality. Our audio interfaces and pre-production processes are second to none, so much so that the quality of recording we achieve on-site is better than most finished articles, and that’s without even going through the post-production stage.
So we’ve made our crystal clear recording, what happens next?
This is where Wicklow Sounds come into their own. Our engineers will meticously scrutinize the recordings for any flaws, distortions, peaks or dropouts, however small and rectify them. We will digitally process the recordings until they meet and exceed international broadcasting standards, regardless of whether this is an extensive contract for a mult-national organisation or simply a one-off production for a local community broadcast. We will sound design the podcast, placing every audio element in its proper place so as best achieve a natural, consistent and immersive experience. We use stereo imaging, sound effects, and musical components, all to our client’s specifications to achieve the optimal result.
Finally, we will present the client with a peerless product in whatever format is required or we can upload and host said product on whatever platform best suits the client’s needs.

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Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements, regardless of how large or how small your project might be.
We would be only too happy to advise, without any obligation to use our services.

Audiobook Production:

The Audiobook market is currently the fastest growing sector of the book publishing Industry The United States’ audiobook market—predicted at US$1.5 billion in 2020, and growing at a seemingly sustainable 20 to 25 percent per year for the next few years—is the world’s largest. Coming in second is the Chinese audiobook market, expected to generate about US$1 billion in 2020, up from US$450 million in 2017.
This is a market no budding or established author can afford to ignore, nor indeed is it a market any serious publishing house can fail to satisfy.
Making an audiobook is a surprisingly straightforward procedure, even for someone that is not particularly technically minded. You just need a suitably isolated recording space, relatively cheap recording equipment, a good speaking voice and hey presto! You’re ready to go. This is the avenue most un-contracted and self-publishing authors take so as to have a token presence in the audiobook market. You won’t sell many copies but it is certainly a satisfying achievement to have made and will give you a good idea of what is required for the next level.

Making a good audiobook takes considerably more effort and investment in equipment. So much so that you will probably have to engage the services of a professional recording studio, hire a professional voice talent to narrate your audiobook, hire a sound engineer to supervise the entire process and then have the recording professionally mastered for publication. Its not a cheap process and will typically cost €5000/100k words.This will be the typical rate applied by publishing houses when negotiating a publishing contract that includes audiobook rights. Some publishing houses will carry out the entire process in-house; others will contract the production out to professional agencies. At the end of the day you as the author will pay this sum in one form or another.

Making great audiobooks is what we do at Wicklow Sounds. And dependent upon the level of involvement the author or publishing house wishes to engage, the cost will be typically at the lower end of simply producing a good audiobook.
We specialise in multi-cast productions with multiple voice talents being employed to narrate your book in an immersive and engaging manner. We allow your listeners to associate with multiple individual characters and not just one voice-shifting narrator
We sound design each element of your story, placing your characters in a real-time audio environment that translates seamlessly onto speakers, mobiles, laptops or headphones. Our database of sound effects and foley are so extensive that we can recreate any environment imaginable and make it believable. Essentially we make a movie soundtrack for your book.
Most audiobooks are produced in mono or occasionally in stereo. We do mono and stereo, but we also produce in surround sound and ambisonic formats for a completely immersive experience.
Combine all the above with a state-of-the-art recording studio that can record on-location anywhere in the country and there really is no excuse for not making great audiobooks.

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Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements, regardless of how large or how small your project might be.
We would be only too happy to advise, without any obligation to use our services.

Mobile ADR:

Mobile ADR or on-location ADR is not a new concept, but has always been the prerogative of larger production houses that could best maximize the financial savings offered by this service. It makes perfect sense to utilise every minute talent is being employed on location, particularly so when said talent could be costing tens of thousands of euros per day. Having to return talent to studio for dedicated ADR work after the event is time consuming, inefficient and costly.
Unfortunately, mobile ADR studios historically have been expensive to employ, costing €6000 – €8000/day to hire, a figure that smaller and independent production houses could rarely justify.
Couple this with the increased levels of audio post-production now employed in the Film/TV production process and its easy to see why mobile ADR has become too costly and too limited, even for those larger production houses.
Wicklow Sounds have taken on-location ADR into the 21st century with the deployment of our state-of-the-art, articulated recording studio and now made on-location audio production a cost effective option for all but the smallest of production budgets.

Our unit is one of a kind, substantially larger than anything similar operating in mainland Europe. Our unit features dedicated recording spaces that have been effectively sound isolated to exceed industry standards and acoustically treated specifically for a dialogue-recording environment. They are large, comfortable and optimized for efficient work scheduling.
Our post-production work area can easily facilitate three engineers working simultaneously on separate recording projects. In line with the latest developments in audio technology, our process is entirely digital, without recourse to any analogue equipment. Our unit can match and exceed the production capacity of most static recording studios and we can place it wherever best suits our clients requirements.
Cost has always been a stumbling block in the development of on-location ADR, primarily because it is generally cheaper to bring talent into studio rather than vice-versa.
This is no longer the case. Our rates are approximately 75% lower than the industry norm and we can still make a decent profit while significantly cutting costs for our clients.

Listen below to a more detailed audio descriptive of our Mobile ADR service:

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements, regardless of how large or how small your project might be.
We would be only too happy to advise, without any obligation to use our services.

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